5 comments on “Some Halo 4 Impressions

  1. Been playing myself and i have to say great write up. I’m probably a bit more possitive on some of the multi changes than you, but overall it mirrors my feelings largely. Never been a big fan of heavys either myself, but vehicle combat in halo 4 just feels so much better balanced with loadouts, even on maps with banshees, scorpions and gauss hogs, you need infantry support to survive very long. Dominion is probably the most fun ive had in objective halo. One thing that really bugs me tho is no skulls in spartan ops, its just too easy with four people.

  2. I totally understand. I do generally like the multiplayer as a whole, and find myself enjoying it a ton moment-to-moment. It’s only when I step back and look at the structure of some of this stuff as a whole that I kind of lose steam on my enthusiasm.

  3. I know what you mean, i’ve been enjoying the base mechanics a lot, the combat, movement and sandbox are just so much fun, but some of the stuff surrounding it is just the complete opposite of good. The multiplayer lobby UI is a complete step back, information is completely burried, for what? So we can see how someone has customized their armour? JIP should be optional and def shouldn’t be in slayer pro. Winning feels meaninless without ranks, i have too much fun even when i’m losing, which i hate 343 for, lol. It should hurt when i lose, i shouldn’t be happy i went 25 – 4, if we lost.

    • They just announced yesterday that in 2013 they’ll be adding a competitive skill ranking system to the game (well, to Waypoint), so you’ll be able to track a 1-50 number per playlist. Not quite as good as an in-game metric, but at least it’s something.

  4. Yeah i saw. Don’t think it will do much good unless it’s in game tho, hiding things beneath layers of menus or on external sites, just means it will matter to no-one. The most fun i had in Halo 3 was me and my brother trying to rank up in doubles, never got past 30 something, but it was intense and addictive. 343 seem to think ranks only matter to mlg pros whining about there 50’s, but it gave a huge portion of the community a way to gage progress and an incentive to try their best to win. It was far more addictive than cods unlock sytem and encouraged communication and teamwork. I’m just bummed out that 343 have decided to hide ranks instead of fixing the problems that came along with them.

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